Vidas Raudonis

Professor at KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Vidas Raudonis is a professor at the KTU Faculty of Electricity and Electronics. Scientist has created several prototypes based on numerical intelligence and image processing methods. In cooperation with “Penki kontinentai Group”, V. Raudonis developed prototypes of face detection and recognition programs. The professor has also participated in the national high-tech development project “Application of numerical intelligence methods in the development of high-speed pupil position tracking systems” and has developed several video signal processing methods.

V. Raudonis is the owner and director of UAB Power of Eye. The company is engaged in the application of computer vision and artificial intelligence in the industry. Visual quality inspection, defect analysis, automation, and work with big data are performed. The company has implemented many industrial applied projects in such companies as AB “Kauno Grūdai”, UAB “Lietlinen”, JSC “Blue Ocean Robotics”, UAB “Gudobėle”, UAB “AT Medical”, UAB “Naujasis Nevėžis”, UAB “Baltijos Polistyrenes”, UAB “Nematekas” in cooperation with UAB “Automatikos centras” and others.

  • Computer Vision
  • Image analysis and processing
  • Application of artificial intelligence technologies in medicine
  • Intelligent assistance systems
  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Deep Learning – Convolutional Neural Networks