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Bachelor’s study programme in Artificial Intelligence

The KTU Faculty of Informatics implements the bachelor’s programme in Artificial Intelligence. This study programme aims to prepare highly competent information technology specialists who can develop intelligent software systems applying machine learning, image recognition, data processing, and data analysis algorithms.

The Artificial Intelligence study programme is for future professionals who want to apply the most recent emerging technologies and are interested in developing AI-based solutions. This study programme will provide learners with the skills and knowledge of how to apply AI algorithms. Graduates will also possess a deep fundamental understanding of AI algorithms that will enable them to determine algorithms’ efficiency, develop hybrid AI models using image and language processing and machine learning, as well as choosing appropriate architectural parameters for systems aimed at implementing intelligent solutions.

Bachelor’s study programme in Intelligent Robotic Systems

Robotics is one of the most modern, most advanced specialisations, with extremely high prospects for the future. The KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics implements the study programme in Intelligent Robotic Systems. This study programme prepares graduates in robotics and cybernetics, capable of developing, designing, implementing, and servicing robots and their systems used in different industries, public sector, aerospace, and military industry, household, and other fields, combining classical mechatronics solutions, control algorithms, artificial intelligence, and various computer senses. Students can practice in the most modern laboratories – training centres of international companies Festo, Siemens, Schneider Electric, PhoenixContact, Wonderware, Allen Bradley.

Bachelor’s study programme in Digital Business Management

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, or big data are changing businesses. These changes require specialists who have a good understanding of how the company works and how to successfully integrate the latest technologies for the development of the company’s activities. Graduates of the KTU Faculty of Economics and Business study programme Digital Business Management have deep skills in data analytics and how to apply the latest technologies in business enterprises. Graduates can become initiators of change, helping companies transform by integrating the latest digital technologies into different company activities: marketing, finance, process management, sales, manufacturing, or service delivery. In addition, they know how to manage projects and changes, robotise processes in the company’s activities. Graduates can work in interdisciplinary teams together with IT and other professionals.

Bachelor’s study programme in Data Science and Engineering

It is the first programme in Lithuania that combines data science and data engineering into one bachelor’s study programme. The KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences implemented Data Science and Engineering programme. The study process combines two worlds: applied mathematics dominates, but programming is not far behind. Students who have completed this study programme can become in-demand professionals with a unique profile in the labour market – data scientists and data engineers – ready to work in interdisciplinary teams. Also, to develop models and solve information systems challenges using data science and other innovative technologies.



















Master’s study programme in Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science

KTU Faculty of Informatics master’s study programme in Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science prepares masters with a deeper methodological knowledge of computer and programming science, modern artificial intelligence methods, deep and transferable training, optimisation, multimedia, systems science, and data analysis. Graduates can create and develop informatics and general informatics models, applying them to computer vision and speech recognition, semantic analysis of textual information, determination of the meaning of its content, content generation, and other applications of informatics and related fields.

Master’s study programme in Business Big Data Analytics

Recently, the term Big Data has become popular worldwide. Current opportunities to collect and systematise data have thrilled businesses by providing more opportunities and enabling the development of ever-better new products. Big Business Data Analytics is an innovative study programme developed by the KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. It prepares professionals who can analyse big business data, identify business problems, solve them and use their mathematical knowledge to provide new insights. Both business giants and smaller companies invest in big data management, so the demand for such professionals is extremely high in modern companies. The programme is in Kaunas, but a group of students in the Vilnius region are also formed.







AI Hero Competition for school students

School students can take the Elements of AI free online course on artificial intelligence, get a certificate, and then compete for a prize and win robots for themselves or their friends!

Competition for final year students (2020–2021)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is receiving more public attention – we use smart technologies both at home and at work, while also every year, business and the state invest in specialists in this field.

To encourage the students to choose topics for their final projects related to analysing AI applications, KTU has established a 10-thousand-euro prize fund. The authors of the best projects will be awarded one-time targeted scholarships. The competition is open to undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional studies students who analyse artificial intelligence in their final projects. The authors of the best final projects will be selected by the board of experts and will be awarded one-time targeted scholarships amounting to 1 thousand euros.

Main criteria of the competition

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Free online course Elements of AI for beginners


Massive open online course on Artificial Intelligence


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