Robertas Alzbutas

Professor at KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Robertas Alzbutas is a professor at KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and a researcher at the Institute of Health Telematics Science. The researcher’s main research areas are data analysis, and risk management in business systems.

  • Data mining and analysis
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Forecasting models
  • Risk management in business systems

Smart clothing for sports and health (CareWare)

The researcher led the “Smart clothing for sports and health (CareWare)” project. Together with the team, he created a product called a smart system for monitoring functional status and physical activity. This product consists of a smart shirt and software. Five electrodes, made on the basis of silver ion fabric, are integrated into the T-shirt, which register the ECG signal during physical exertion.

No. Title Authors Year
1. Convolutional neural network for detection and classification of seizures in clinical data Tomas Iešmantas, Robertas Alzbutas 2020
2. Artificial Intelligence Based Commercial Risk Management Framework for SMEs Gerda Žigienė. Egidijus Rybakovas, Robertas Alzbutas 2019
3. Bayesian spatial reliability model for power transmission network lines Tomas Iešmantas, Robertas Alzbutas 2019
4. Reliability Assessment of Redundant Electrical Power Supply Systems using Fault Tree Analysis, Reliability Block Diagram, and Monte Carlo Simulation Methods Rabah Benabid, Djemai Merrouche, Aissa Bourenane, Robertas Alzbutas 2018
5. Convolutional Neural Networks for Early Seizure Alert System Tomas Iešmantas, Robertas Alzbutas 2018