Rimvydas Simutis

Professor at KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Rimvydas Simutis – is a professor at KTU Faculty of Electricity and Electronics. R. Simutis is involved in the scientific group “Management and Optimization of Complex Processes” activities. The research carried out by the scientist is related to intelligent control systems, robotics, and bioengineering.

  • Intelligent control systems
  • Robotics
  • Bioengineering

Intelligent control system platform for recombinant protein synthesis processes

Professor carried out and managed this project in 2019-2021. The goal of the project is to apply mathematical modeling, automation, and process optimization methods to biosynthesis processes, and to create a fundamentally new, world-class technological process innovation. Currently, in the global biotechnology and biopharmaceutical market, the technological processes of recombinant protein production are supported by first-generation automation systems. During the project, the fundamentally new, second-generation model of intelligent automation platform was designed and tested for efficient control of recombinant protein synthesis processes.

Modelling and Optimization of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (hiPSc) 3D Expansion Process (ModelStem)

The goal of this project is to develop compact mathematical model to describe the most important aspects of glucose, amino acids and oxygen metabolism in hiPSc 3D expansion process by taking into account stem cell aggregation phenomenon and heterogeneity of the culture. During the project, analysis of 3D mixing processes of bioreactor-scale expansion of human induced pluripotent stem cells has been performed and it was identified which pluripotent cell cultivation methods are currently the most promising for real practical biomedical applications. R. Simutis led this project.

Robotic Arm for Quadriplegics (QUADRIBOT)

The goal of the project was to develop artificial intelligence software for paralyzed people to control mechanical robotic arms when the user cannot perform precise control actions or manipulate any physical equipment at all. During the implemented project, a multimodal interface adapted for the disabled to control the robot arm was created. Computer vision algorithms was integrated that can be applied to interface design.

Development and research of advanced management systems of biotechnological processes

The researchers have created user-friendly algorithms for the optimization of technological parameters of biotechnological processes for the creation of algorithms for programmatic control of processes, and systems for adaptive control of biotechnological processes, universally applicable to the management of cultivation processes of various cultures, designed to regulate the technological parameters of processes and maintain the assigned technological regimes.

Development and research of the prototype of the real-time feeding system “Feeding Box – B” for the management of biotechnological processes

The purpose of this project was to create basic mathematical models and software and hardware for the realization of controlled biotechnological processes (recombinant protein synthesis in E.coli cultivation processes).

No. Title Authors Year
1. Adaptive control of biomass –specific growth rate in fed-batch biotechnological processes: a comparative study 2019
2. Practical Solutions for Specific Growth Rate Control Systems in Industrial Bioreactors Vytautas Galvanauskas, Rimvydas Simutis, Donatas Levišauskas, Renaldas Urniežius 2019
3. Projection mapping user interface for disabled people Julius Gelšvartas, Rimvydas Simutis, Rytis Maskeliūnas 2018
4. Bioreactor control improves bioprocess performance Rimvydas SimutisAndreas Lübbert 2015