Mayur Pal

Associate Professor at KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Mayur Pal is an associate professor at the KTU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, M.Pal completed his master’s degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. He later completed his doctoral studies at Swansea University in the United Kingdom and received his Ph.D. P. Mayur has worked in research centers of oil and gas companies for several years and has led research teams and implemented high-value research projects for the past 17 years. The scientist is a board member of the Baltic Carbon Forum, and a scientific advisor to Dicelytics Pvt.

  • Machine learning
  • Computer simulation

A Novel AI-Based Automated Identification of Cracks in Concrete Bridges and Offshore Oil Installations (ConcreteAI)

Environmental factors affecting concrete structures like bridges, beams, columns and highways in onshore and offshore environments lead to development of micro-cracks. Early detection of surface micro-cracks in concrete structures helps to put preventive measures in place to avoid failure potentially saving loss of assets and in some cases lives.

In this project scientists created an automated AI based system which will allow training and testing of real time images of concrete bridges and offshore structures, which are augmented by the presence of shadows and other noises. Researchers have worked hard on the development of an image database of images of concrete structures with cracks and shadows, which will then be used for training and testing of the AI network created specifically for this project.