Arūnas Lipnickas

Associate Professor at KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Arūnas Lipnickas is an associate professor at the KTU Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. A. Lipnickas belongs to the “Intelligent Automatic Control System” research group.

  • Development of intelligent management systems
  • Signal processing and analysis
  • Computer vision

Development of the healthy aging solution

The project aims to address the ever-growing demand for elderly care services by creating an intelligent monitoring system. The system would be dedicated to the care of the elderly, thereby automating and facilitating the care and nursing of the elderly for the institutions providing such services. In the course of project activities, investments will be made in the R&D equipment necessary for the creation of the solution, and R&D activities will also be carried out and a prototype of this system will be created.

Multilevel Artificial Intelligent Based Prototype Inverter of Wind-Solar Hybrid System
During the project, A. Lipnickas and his team created a prototype of a wind-solar power plant inverter based on artificial intelligence. Scientists tested this prototype in the KTU Electric Drives Laboratory of the Automation Department and in the existing hybrid wind-solar power plant and electric car charging station system, which currently has twelve wind generators and twelve solar panels installed.

A self-educating, intelligent system for image recognition, statistics collection, analysis, and graphical representation

The researcher led this project, during which scientists developed an intelligent, cost-effective data collection, analysis, and visualization system. The created system will be sold and rented to both Lithuanian and foreign customers. Project members started cooperation with foreign broadcasters (TV channels and media agencies in Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, USA, Belarus, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, etc.); also with the US company regarding the possible integration of the system developed by the company into the television equipment products and technical solutions they sell.

No. Title Authors Year
1. Improved Pixel-Level Pavement-Defect Segmentation Using a Deep Autoencoder Rytis Augustauskas, Arūnas Lipnickas 2020
2. Mobile robots navigation modeling in known 2D environment based on Petri nets Stanislovas Bartkevičius, Olga Fiodorova, Andrius Knyš, Alma Dervinienė, Gintaras Dervinis, Vidas Raudonis, Arūnas Lipnickas, Virginijus Baranauskas, Kastytis Šarkauskas, Leonas Balaševičius 2018
3. Amber gemstones sorting by colour Saulius Sinkevicius, Arūnas Lipnickas, Kestas Rimkus 2017
4. Robust hand detection using arm segmentation from depth data and static palm gesture recognition Rytis Augustauskas, Arūnas Lipnickas 2017
5.  Automatic amber gemstones identification by color and shape visual properties. Saulius Sinkevičius, Arūnas Lipnickas, Kęstas Rimkus 2015