KTU’s application for the Higher Education Charter received the highest score

Important | 2021-04-08

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has received the Erasmus+ Higher Education Charter (ECHE), the document that entitles the University to participate in the new phase of the world’s largest Erasmus + academic exchange programme in 2021-2027.

The Erasmus Higher Education Charter (ECHE) sets out a general quality framework for European and international cooperation activities that higher education institutions can carry out under Erasmus+. ECHE is compulsory for all higher education institutions in Erasmus + countries wishing to participate in the activities carried out under this programme to develop learning mobility for individuals and/or cooperation for the dissemination of innovation and good practice.

For the University to continue participating in all Erasmus activities: student and staff exchange and strategic partnerships and other Erasmus+ transnational projects, the KTU Department of International Relations applied for an Erasmus Higher Education Charter. The application received the highest score (100) and KTU was issued the Erasmus Higher Education Charter for 2021–2027.

In the new KTU strategy until 2025, the University’s vision is to become an internationally competitive, interdisciplinary university of technology that creates and transfers new knowledge and innovations. Internationality is becoming a strategic goal and a priority activity, covering all areas of university activity.

Active participation in the Erasmus+ programme is one of the key instruments enabling to achieve the priority goals of developing the international component of KTU: to develop international student and staff exchange, to expand the network of international partners, to increase the University’s visibility in the international arena.

The new Erasmus+ programme responds to the latest developments: by the end of the programme, the full digitisation of academic mobility processes, the creation of a unified digital network of European higher education institutions, and the exchange of interinstitutional agreements and student electronic documents will be completed. All this is made possible by the Erasmus+ Higher Education Charter, which sets out and lists the key principles of the programme. These principles must be observed by all signatories to the Charter.

KTU has been participating in the Erasmus programme since 1999.

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