Are you from Europe? Don’t miss your chance to study at KTU for free

Important | 2021-04-12

In May, the first stage of general admissions to master’s studies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) will start. During the general admissions, all the applicants are ranked according to their admission score and become candidates to a state-funded study place. All EU nationals and global citizens of Lithuanian origin are granted this opportunity.

“KTU grabbed my attention because the Food Science and Safety master’s course is designed to spend your time researching, while also taking the fundamental subjects. It felt like the right fit, it offered something new in the way of studying, they mentioned group works in laboratories, projects that we can build and showcase, this was the kind of hands-on learning experience that I was hoping to find. And Lithuania is part of the European Union, so travelling and living are not strictly regulated, as an EU citizen, I did not have to acquire a visa”, says Nóra Emilia Nagybákay, KTU second-year master’s student from Hungary.

Although she was dreaming of studying abroad, the girl was looking for options to study without needing to pay for tuition. After learning that the state-funded places are available to EU citizens, she contacted the International Office at KTU and I was reassured that she was qualified to apply and to compete for the state funding.

So far, Nóra is very happy about her choice: “KTU has the supporting environment, where you can learn and use your knowledge to create, to discover something new and be part of the scientific community. And if you are stuck or have a problem there will always be someone to help you out, be that your groupmate, mentor or academic advisor”.

According to national rankings announced on May 6, 2020, KTU’s academic staff is the best in Lithuania, the University’s studies are very well ranked by students and employers. KTU is the 2nd best university in Lithuania.

According to Invest Lithuania Agency, graduates of Lithuanian universities in science, computing, maths, engineering and construction are in 4th place in the EU. If you are thinking about studying in these fields, KTU might be one of the best options for you: KTU is among the world’s best 500 universities in the world in Engineering and Technology, and No. 53 among the universities of emerging Europe and central Asia by QS World Universities rankings.

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The first stage of general admissions to master’s studies is ending on Friday, July 2, 2021. The EU nationals and global citizens of Lithuania descent are automatically eligible for competing for a state-funded study place.

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