Multilevel Artificial Intelligent Based Prototype Inverter of Wind-Solar Hybrid System

The project “Multilevel Artificial Intelligent Based Prototype Inverter of Wind-Solar Hybrid System” will mark the completion of the artificial intelligence based prototype inverter for the wind-solar hybrid system.

The wind-solar system will be the testing site for examination and inspection of the prototype. JSC Signeda implements the technological development stage and envisions new products that are expected to be commercialized successfully through research and experimental development. The project is being implemented together with a project coordinator – Kaunas University of Technology.

Project funding:

Projects funded by the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology

Project results:

The prototype created by this project will be investigated in the Electric Drives Laboratory of the Department of Automation of Kaunas University of Technology and experimented with in the existing hybrid wind-solar power station and electric car charging point system, which currently has twelve wind generators and twelve solar panels.

Project coordinator: Kaunas University of Technology

Project partners: UAB “Signeda”

Duration 2019–2020
Head of project
Renaldas Urniežius