Wearable technology for personalized identification and management of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation triggers

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common arrhythmia diagnosed in 33 million people worldwide. AF is a progressive disease that initially manifests as spontaneously intermittent paroxysmal episodes (PAFs), forming individual profiles of the time distribution of PAF episodes. These profiles are thought to carry information about disease progression and complications. Causes of AF episodes (triggers) are alcohol, caffeine, exercise, sleep disorders etc. Many triggers can be controlled by lifestyle changes. Dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system may be another major factor contributing to the onset of PAF. Unfortunately, there is a lack of technology to synchronously record PAF profiles and subjectively and objectively assessed arrhythmia triggers.

The TriggersAF project aims to:

  •  investigate the reliability of PAF profile reconstruction using a wrist-wearing device;
  • develop prototype hardware and software for PAF trigger recognition and management system;
  • explore PAF pattern relationships with subjective and objectively evaluable arrhythmia triggers.

Personalized PPV trigger reconstruction and management technology will open up opportunities to accumulate knowledge about the interfaces of PAF profiles with patient-specific triggers, predict the risk of complications, and develop personalized therapy methodologies.

The project is implemented by KTU Institute of Biomedical Engineering with a partner Vilnius University.

Duration 2020–2023
Head of project Vaidotas Marozas